Sacramento - August 30 - September 1, 2024

A&M Pâtisserie

Portuguese Egg Tarts (Pasteis de Nata) | Crispy Cream Puffs (Choux au Craquelin) | Hokkaido Cheese Tarts | Tiramisu

Adelitas Mexican Catering

Mexican Cuisine | Tacos | Burritos | Quesadillas | Raspados | Ceviche

Asha Dry Noodle

Baboy Boys

Exotic Filipino Cuisine

Banana Pudding Krazy

Bangin Bowls

Churro Sundaes

Big Baby Bottle

Fresh Lemonade | Big Baby Bottles | Free Refills

Big Baby Bottle

Birrieria Dimas


Birrieria Michi

Birria Tacos | Birria Ramen | Birria Fries | Birria Mac & Cheese Burrito | Birria Grilled Cheese | Traditional Wings

Blue Maine Lobster and Seafood

Seafood Rolls | Crab Rolls | Loaded Seafood Fries | Seafood Mac 'N Cheese

Bluey & Co

Korean Inspired Tiramisu

Bone N Marrow

Grilled Bone Marrow

Butcher's Choice

California Cheesesteaks

California Cheesesteaks | Cheesesteak Egg Rolls | Loaded Baked Potatoes | Onion Rings | Fried Okra | Loaded Fries

Casa Pinoy

Filipino Cuisine | Sisig Burritos | Lechon Fries | Ube Horchata | Lumpia

Chan bai mei

Cheese Wheel Pasta

Garlic Lobster | Truffle Cream | Basil Pesto | Bacon

Cheese Wheel Pasta

Cheesy Mac Balls

Stuffed Mac & Cheese Balls


Churros | Plantain | Churro Sundaes | Coffee | Affogato | Mexican Hot Chocolate

Deep Fried Giant Squid

XXL Whole Fried Squid On A Stick

Delightful Foods Bakery

Assorted Personal Pies

Devil Sweet Soufflé Pancake

Soufflé Pancakes

Dough Girl Cookies

Custom Sugar Cookies

Drips Cheesecake

Cheesecake on a stick | Dipped cheeseckae

El Coqui

Ensaymada Project

Assorted Filipino Brioche Buns | Ensaymada

Etoile Filante Patisserie

Classic French Macarons | Character Macarons

Fist of Fusion Island Grill

Island Grills | Musubis | Wings | Rice Bowls

Fist of Fusion Island Grill

Island Grills | Musubis | Wings | Rice Bowls


Oxtail Mac 'n Cheese | Salmon Mac 'n Cheese | Cajun Shrimp Mac 'n Cheese

Freeze Dried Candy

Freeze Dried Candies


Korean Corndogs


Korean Corn Dogs

Gim Belly

Filipino Meal Plates | Glazed BBQ Chicken | Grilled Pork Belly | Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp | Soft Shell Crabs | Gourmet Steam Buns

Gimme Gummies Shop

Chili Gummy Candies | Rim Dips


Sugar-Coated Fruits Skewer | Tanghulu

Hana Hou Shave Ice

Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Hawaiian Honey Cones

J-Shaped Ice Cream

Hawaiian Honey Cones

J-Shaped Ice Cream

Honolulu Sushi Taco

Crispy Seaweed Tempura Shell | Furikake Salmon | Marinated Ahi Tuna | Soft Shell Crab

Hot Bamboo

Steamed Buns | Musubis | Pot Stickers

Ice Cream Garden

Assorted Grilled Cheese | Potted Ice Cream

J&A's 1st Eloteria

Specialty Corn Vendor | Kettle Corn | Fried Corn | Esquite | Roasted Corn

JDM Eats Homefoods

Shish Kabob | Loaded Baked Potatoes | Korean Tacos | Hmong Tacos

Jerky Jerky

Gourmet Jerky | Exotic Jerky

Krystalynn's Cakes

LC's Kitchen

Fishballs | Lumpias | BBQ Meats

Las Chelaguas

Mini Pancake | Crepes | German Spaghetti Ice Cream | Fish Cake | Milkshakes

LemonTea Squeeze

Fresh Lemonade | Animal Bottles | Free Refills

LemonTea Squeeze

Little Ding's

Taiwanese Street Foods | Popcorn Chicken | Taiwanese Fried Mushroom


Grilled Whole Lobster


Lucky Ball

Charcoal Grilled Korean BBQ Skewers | Squid | Pork Belly | Beef Ribs | Teriyaki Plates

Lumpia Bucket

Lumpia Bucket

Mao Bao

Masons Den

Funnel Cakes | Deep Fried Sweets

Mekeni's Kitchen

Bourbon Bacon Wrap Shrimps | Rib-Eye Steak Mushrooms | Mango Habanero Chicken Skewer | Coconut Garlic Prawns | Cajun Shrimps | Lemonades

Mely’s Churros

Stuffer Churros | Churros


Agua Frescas | Fusion Corn Nachos | Hot Cheetos Corn

MilkCha Boba

Non Dairy Milk Tea | Brown Sugar Boba

MilkCha Boba

Mommasboy Cookies

Mr. Bully


My lumpia lady

Lumpias | Tamales

NOLA Oysteria

Grilled Garlic Herb Butter Oysters

Oak Napa

Oceanic Crunchies

Freeze-Dried Treats

Papa's Polvoron

Filipino Shortbread Cookies | Mini Cheesecakes | Brownies

Pate a Choux

Cream Puffs

Pink Mango

Thai Cuisine | Mango Sticky Rice | Fruit Smoothie



West African Cuisine | Egusi | Suya | Jollof Rice

Potato Hut

Potato Swirl | Flavored Fries | Tenders | Wings | Corn Dog | Dole Whip | Desserts

Potato Hut

Potato Swirl | Flavored Fries | Tenders | Wings | Corn Dog | Dole Whip | Desserts

Raclette Cheese House

Savory Crepes | Dessert Crepes | Raclette Cheese Sandwiches


Sacramento Pop-Up Truck

Ramen Burritos | Fusion Tacos | Poke Nachos

Seafood Babez

Fish Taco | Shrimp Taco

Smash Kings

Smash Burgers | Loaded Fries

Sophia's Kitchen (Booth #1)

pork belly sandwich | spicy chicken sandwich with fries | spicy chicken tenders with fries | gourmet fries with pork belly | Mac and Cheese

Spun Craze & Treats

Cotton Candy

Sugar Mama Sugarcane

Fresh Sugarcane Juice

Sushi Pizzeria

Sushi Pizza

Sweet Hype

Cotton Candy | Italian Soda | Korean Banana Milk Coffee | Oreo Blackpink

Tacollynn Tacos de Canasta

Vaporized Tacos | Chicharron | Carnitas | Vegan Soy Chorizo

Tacos 34

Tacos | Quesabirria Tacos | Quesadillas | Horchata

Tanghulu Bear

Fruit Coated Tanghulu

Temaki Time

Sushi Handrolls | Spicy Tuna | Tuna | Salmon | Blue Crab | Yellowtail | Freshwater Eel

The Drunken Dumpling

Soup Dumplings

The famous pupusas


True Cajun

Gator Bites | Frog Legs | Catfish | Shrimps | Jambalaya | Po Boys

Ube Bread Box

Filipino Ube Pandesal | Jelly Jar Desserts | Ice Pops

Umami Cheesy Bomb Co

Umami Melted Cheesy Fries | Lobster Chowder | Nacho Cheese | Beef Birria

Uncle Tetsu

Venga Empanadas

Argentinian Empanadas | Alfajores


Bungee Jumping Activities | Giant Waterball Activity


Giant Waterball Activity

Weemake Cheesecake Cones

Cheesecake Cones

Willie D's

Jumbo Corn Dogs | Loaded Baked Potatoes | Smoked Turkey Legs | French Crepes

XD Jerky Kingz

Traditional Lao Jerky

Yakitori Yado

Chicken Yakitori w/ Mochi Bites

Ador A Bubble Light Up Balloons and toys

LED Balloons | Bubble Wands | Toys

Aloha Charms

Aloha Stickers | Pins | Charms | Accessories

Artesania Korita

Handmade Huichol Jewelries | Alpaca Shawls

Asians Never Die

Asian Themed Merchandise | Apparels


LED Lamps | 3D Printed Piggy Banks

B Surprise Shop

Anime Merchandise | Plushies

Bart Bridge

Basura Gang

Anime Illustrations | Stickers | Buttons | Keychains

Beyond Collectibles

Funko Pops | Collectible Items | Masks

Celestial Divine Co.

Crochet Accessories | Resin Products

Charm Square

Croc Charms | Backpacks | Purses

Cosmic Eye

Iris Photography | Art

DBC Customs

Custom Clothing | Bags


Handmade Jewelries

Earth's Creations

Custom Jewelry


Embroidered Merchandise | Keychains | Art Prints | Pins

Euphoric Sun

Makeups | Accessories | Fans | Earrings

Farm Fresh To You

Fleur Viviente

Handmade Jewelries | Jade Bracelets | Soy Wax Candles

Forget Me Not Florist

Handmade Crochet Flowers

Future Bloom

T-Shirts | Hoodies | Sweaters

Gamer Life

Girl's Printing House

Water Proof Stickers

Golden Luxe Jewels

Jewelry Accessories | PermanentJewelry

Harmony Waist Beads

African Waist Beads

Hobby Insights

Anime Stickers | Prints | Totes | Apparels

Hope Design

Imperfecto Art

Custom | Denim Jackets | Clothing

Ingkarat Apparel

Southeast Asia Fashion Clothes

It Clothing Wear



Women's Clothing


Mini Plushies | Balloons

Jarold Cadion Art

Canvas Prints | Magnets | Stickers | Coasters | Coffee Paintings

Joeanna's Waist Beads

Waist Beads | Anklets | Bracelets


K-Pop Goodies | Korean Cosmetics

KML Plushy

Authentic Japanese Plushies


Crochet Accessories | Crochet Animals | Embroidery

King and Queen Things

Enamel Pins

Kwanjai California

Handmade Jewelry | Crochet Dolls | Made in Thailand


La Meno

Handmade Jewelries | Bracelets | Necklaces | Earrings

Lani Luxe Links

Permanent Jewelry

Little Rain

Fashion Jewelry | Fidget Toys

Little jackie creations

Embroidered Hoodies | Crewnecks

Lunar Links Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry


Metal Sculptures

Mexico en Ti

Mexican Necklaces | Earings | Leather Bags


High End Mexican Art | Wooden Masks | Alebrijes Sculptures | Pottery


Handmade Minimalist Accessories

Miniko Island

Anime & Phone Accessories


Apparels | Accessories


Retractable Badge/ID Holders

Mom’s Craft Co

Children’s Clothing | Crafts

Mona Golden Boutique

Permanent Jewelries | Leather Boots

Munoz's Bong LED Balloons

LED Balloons | LED Masks | Bubble Wands

National Marrow Donor Program - Be the Match

Information Booth

Off The Chain

Necklaces | Key Chains

Other World Shop

Apparels | Accessories | Collectibles

Patchy Patchenstein

Iron-On Patches | Tote Bags | Hoodies

Patelco Credit Union

Plant Social Club

Indoor Plants | Plant Amendments | Pottery | Plant Accessories

Rose Gold Jelly

Merchandise | Lanyards | Notebooks | Buttons

Rubi’s art

Ceramic | Clothing


Sammyjo Creations

Resin Trays | Keychains | License Plate Frames | Coasters

Simply Chris Marie


Plushies | Notebooks | Keychains

Stubborn Gems

Press On Nails | Jewelry

Sunshine Redemption Co.

Plushies | Figurines | Onesie | Novelty Gifts

The Brown Sugar Shoppe

Graphic Tees

The DLT Jewel Co.

Permanent Jewelry

The Lucky Cuy

Luxurious Alpaca Fleece Plushies

Wisdom by Wisdom Natural Soaps

Soap | Food Shaped


Crocheted Stuffed Animals


Handcraft Clay Jewelries | Succulent Planters


Kona Ice of Sacramento

Hawaiian Shaved Ice